Ward 11 December 2023 Newsletter

Dianne Saxe, University-Rosedale Councillor

November was a big month at City Hall. One outstanding achievement was Council’s adoption of Mayor Chow’s generational housing plan, a transformation in Toronto’s housing policy. I was proud to be the one to ensure that new housing under this plan will support Toronto’s climate and air quality commitments by being “natural” gas-free. I was also glad to see 35 Bellevue, in the heart of Kensington Market, among the first five sites where the City will build new affordable housing. I have been working towards this result since I was first elected and helped make it happen by pledging $2 million of my s.37 affordable housing funds from the entire ward. 

The second outstanding achievement was long-awaited progress on provincial funding for the city’s structural financial crisis, largely created by provincial downloading and exacerbated by the pandemic. The funding formula includes operating funds for Metrolinx’s long-delayed Eglinton Crosstown (which the TTC now hopes will open in September 2024), the first provincial transit operation funding since Mike Harris. The plan includes overdue funding for new subway cars to replace the failing end-of-life cars that serve Line 2. Last but not least, knowing the housing difficulties that many Torontonians are struggling with, we are putting much-needed funds towards homeless shelters and warming centres.

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