Noise By-law review underway this fall

The 2023 review will focus on the outstanding issues related to the bylaw and will include virtual and in-person public consultations in late summer or early fall of this year. The appropriate regulations for two stoke small engine equipment such as gas powered leaf blowers are proposed to be dealt with separately in 2024 in the context the proposal to ban them.

The feedback from these public consultations will inform a staff report expected at the Economic Community and Development Committee in November 2023.

Details on the implementation report for of the new Noise Bylaw is now available on the city’s dedicated Noise By-Law Implementation website. This is where you can also subscribe now to receive updates.

After a five year review, the Noise Bylaw was amended in 2019, resulting in sound level limits for amplified sound and motorcycles, changes to the noise exemption permit process, a new noise enforcement team with late night coverage along with a number of other changes. 

The City was directed to report on the implementations of these amendments one year after they were adopted. COVID-19 delayed this process considerably. 

Please make your voice heard and provide any feedback you may have through the public consultation process.

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