Wanted - Better Planning of our Neighbourhood

The  ABC Resident’s Association and Yorkville BIA sponsored study to develop a Planning Framework for the Bloor-Yorkville/North Midtown Area which is now complete. The Framework and Implementation Strategy provides comprehensive policy guidance for the basis for a Secondary Plan and Implementing zoning regulations. It is a long term vision for the future development of the area and presents strategies and policies to:

  • guide development in distinct character areas and ensure heritage is retained
  • improve the public realm and pedestrian experience
  • protect and enhance the area as a desirable place to live, play, work, shop, visit and invest.  

It has  been turned over  to Councillor Wong Tam and the City of Toronto Planning Department requesting that the City move expeditiously to develop a Secondary Plan and Implementing Zoning Bylaw that will give us the long overdue statutory planning rules for the Bloor-Yorkville/NorthMidtown Area.

For a quick overview of the study review this Presentation

The Report is divided into two parts



  • the history of the Bloor-Yorkville/North Midtown Area
  • information about the current planning policies
  • incorporates key issues and opportunities that were discussed during the stakeholder consultation process.
Part 1 - Click to download

Part 1 - Click to download

Part 2 - Click to download

Part 2 - Click to download

Part 2 : Policy Approach

The POLICY APPROACH establishes a planning and urban design policy framework that is suitable for the basis of a Secondary Plan, that would be implemented as an Amendment to the City of Toronto Official Plan. It is intended to provide statutory effect to a number of existing policies and guidelines that apply within the Bloor-Yorkville/North Midtown Area. It also provides substantial detail identifying where development should, and should not occur, what forms of development in terms of use and built form are appropriate, how future development applications will be analyzed and what future planning approval processes will be required.

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Full Report - Click to download

Full Report - Click to download