Avenue Road Safety Coalition

The ABC Residents Association and the Avenue Road Safety Coalition represent the concerns of the residents - the elderly, parents and children, pedestrians and cyclists who reside and commute along Avenue Road. The area includes: 

- five schools located directly on or within walking distance of Avenue Road (De La Salle College, Brown Junior Public School, Cottingham Junior Public School, The Mabin School and the Avenue Road Arts School). 

- four seniors residences (Bradgate Arms, The Amica at Balmoral, Hazelton Place, and Belmont House). 

- four parks that border onto Avenue Road (Ramsden Park, Jay Macpherson Green, Sergeant Ryan Russell Parkette and Robertson Davies Park); and 

- at least seven new Condominium towers that have been approved and are currently being built and that will house thousands of new residents who will walk, cycle and drive along Avenue Road. 

In June 2018, City Council designated the entire Avenue Road corridor from St. Clair Avenue West to Bloor Street as a Community Safety Zone“Community Safety Zones are sections of roadway where public safety is of special concern. They may include roadways near schools, day care centres, playgrounds, parks, hospitals, senior citizen residences, and may also be used for collision prone areas within a community.” The advantage of this designation is that certain Vision Zero safety measures — including doubled fines for speeding and speed cameras will be implemented on Avenue Road.

 In July 2019, the Community Safety Zone signs were installed along this section of Avenue Road and we are continuing to work with our City Councillors to implement further safety enhancements. At all times, please be cognizant of all Vulnerable Road Users and adhere to the Provincial traffic regulations and the posted speed limit. 

 The ABCRA and the Avenue Road Safety Coalition would like to thank the City Councillors Kristyn Wong-Tam, Joe Cressy, Josh Matlow and Mike Layton for recognizing the importance of pedestrian safety and for their hard work and dedication to their communities and in ensuring the safety of all Vulnerable Road Users.