Cities need to turn down the volume

“There are even speakers that boost the noise of  Ford Mustangs, Dodge muscles cars, and F 150 trucks and BMW sport cars. What is going wrong with these people…”

“Very pleased to hear this. I travel extensively now that I’m retired and “there’s one in every town” ... those very loud motorbikes that sound like a giant mosquito…”

“… Has anyone heard of International Noise Awareness Day, held the last Wednesday of April since 1976? Just as with plastic pollution, Europe is already ahead of Canada with meaningful action. Our government needs to get moving on this one as well…”

“Take the approach Germany takes. Police have decibel meters in their cars and often in the summer they stand at the side of the road. If they think a vehicle exceeds the allowed limit they pull it over and do a test right then and there…”

“I look forward to John Tory boldly declaring noise a public health threat in accordance with Toronto Public Health’s latest report…”

“Toronto should hire Katie Telford as a bylaw officer after the Liberals are thrown out of office in October….”

“I could not agree more.  And what of the restaurants that we can no longer stand to eat at because of their loud music which forces patrons to almost scream to be heard?…”

“Not only in the city is noise a problem. Here in Niagara wine country we are surrounded by entertainment palaces, disguised as wineries…”

“leaf blowers just blast away for hours, especially when lawn contractors are working on multiple properties in a street. Dreadful things and quite unnecessary..”

“Edmonton set out noise meters, ostensibly to educate motorcycle riders about how much noise they make.

Riders turned this into a competition....revving engines nearby to see "how can we go?", as if achieving the high score on a video game…”

“As another angle of attack against loud motorcycles... rather than going after the rider themselves, can we go after the store that sells these loud, aftermarket, mufflers?..”

“Motorcycles and cars with after-market stereos are all doing the same thing. They are seeking attention. It's both pathetic and unnecessary…”

“Realistic Noise Limits; Enforced; Now!
Motorcycles are the worst, but some other vehicles offend, either with exhaust of loud thumping "Sound Systems"…”