Impact of Bill 108 on Toronto's planning

The City's response to the proposed legislation can be viewed HERE.

Read the Chief Planner’s report and presentation to City Council on the proposed Bill 108.

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FONTRA’s ( Federation of North Toronto’s Residents Associations) Preliminary Comments on Bill 108:
More Homes, More Choice Act

1. Significant reductions in opportunities for public input in planning

- more decision-making at LPAT which ignores Council's decisions where residents had a voice
- major reductions in time frames for review of development applications so insufficient time for input and more applications going to LPAT as Council cannot respond in time
- de novo hearings allowed again so resident input at municipal level can be ignored
- participants at LPAT can only make submissions in writing in advance not present oral witness statement - Minister can impose areas for DPS, no public input
- set rules about public benefits eliminate consultation  with councillors or appropriate decisions

2. Significant reductions in City's ability to plan for livable communities

-  inability to pay for appropriate Park space as same park space required on a site no matter what the density and no “payment in lieu” allowed
- role of councillor in determining appropriate public benefits from a development
- limiting allowable types of benefits reduces ability for the City to provide needed benefits for an area and extra costs will be borne by existing residents and businesses.
- Expanded intensification areas around major transit stations (MTSAs) from 500M to 800M radius (amounts to 256% increase in area) increases impact on existing low and medium density areas around major transit stations.

3. The Act is called More Homes More Choice but where is the evidence that the provisions in the Act will achieve this? 

Giving developers a free reign is not the answer.
- provisions for inclusionary zoning severely restricted
- no incentives for supportive or affordable housing
- need for increased investment in transit to make areas outside of core attractive for development

When: Monday, May 27, 2019 at 7 pm
Where: Council Chambers, Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West
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