Phase 2: Approaches to reduce single-use and takeaway items

The City of Toronto is seeking feedback on how to reduce specific single-use and takeaway items and needs your input. 

In 2018, the City of Toronto undertook consultations to identify opportunities to reduce the use of single-use and takeaway items in Toronto. This process included asking which items residents, businesses and other stakeholders were most interested in addressing and the preferred approaches to reduce these items or promote additional reuse. For more information on the results of Phase 1 consultation visit: 

About this survey
As part of Phase 2 consultation, this survey will focus on specific items and the proposed approach to reduce each of them in Toronto. This is not a vote. Please only submit the survey once. Results from the survey will be used to inform the Single-Use and Takeaway Item Reduction Strategy in addition to information received through stakeholder meetings, technical feasibility and policy considerations. 

Implementation of the approaches to reduce single-use and takeaway items is proposed to start in 2021. Additional single-use and takeaway items (not listed in this survey) will be considered in the future. 

Accessibility & Exemptions
The City of Toronto recognizes that some single-use and takeaway items support accessibility and that programs and policies must be inclusive. Impacts to accessibility are being considered in all consultation activities and in examination of specific programs and policies. Any final bylaws will include accommodations that will not restrict use of single-use and takeaway items for accessibility, health, medical, and privacy needs. 

Have Your Say
The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete. In order to analyze the feedback received, you will be asked some optional demographic questions. All survey responses are anonymous. Feedback will be accepted until November 4, 2019 

More information: 416-392-3760