Great news re Ramsden Park rink! Natural Ice...when weather permits.

Check with the Toronto Website before going.


On Sunday, January 13, 2019, 5:19:08 p.m. EST, Gar Mahood <> wrote:

Hello everyone:
As you all know, I have been critical of the Parks department for not ensuring maintenance and/or replacement of the aging refrigeration system at Ramsden that has led to the loss of the artificial ice.
However, I want to ensure that Parks people who are not to blame do not get swept up with that criticism.  Lennox Morgan, a supervisor for the area rinks, has been out with his crew, even up to 11pm or possibly all night on Saturday night, trying to get natural ice up and skatable.  They are using hoses and Zamboni.  Lennox was trying to solve a problem whereby water on the surface was freezing in the cold air but water next to the warmer concrete was not.  This created huge problems near the North boards.  All I know is that Lennox and his crew have been working their butts off.  Lennox is the guy who was so cooperative while looking after Ramsden several years ago, that Friends of Ramsden had a certificate and plaque made up for him.  It was presented to him at City Hall.
Peter White, the Parks official who is in charge of Toronto and East York rinks has also been most open and cooperative.  People like Lennox and Pater are trying to deliver good service.  I suspect when our freedom of information request is answered, it is folks higher up in the bureaucracy who are responsible for the outage including, possibly, folks who are not approving budgets with the needed funds to replace aging and patched up equipment in a timely fashion.  Or city council itself.  We will find out.
Meanwhile, Lennox tells me that we may have natural ice at Ramsden by tomorrow.  Check the website he says.  I will check the ice tonight.
Garfield Mahood, OC
Friends of Ramsden