Park Perspectives: Webinars on best practices for city parks

Park Perspectives

Webinars on best practices for city parks

Join us for this webinar series on practical ways to leverage the power of parks and public spaces for cities

Sparking Change – How Parks Can Help Build More Inclusive Cities 

Wednesday September 19, 2:00pm EST

Stark inequalities are a growing fact of life in our cities. This webinar will focus on how parks can play a vital role in creating more inclusive, equitable and livable cities. We’ll share best practices for how to catalyze the social impacts of parks and look at specific examples of how communities are deepening park engagement in underserved neighbourhoods. Ce webinaire aussi disponible en français.



Park Governance – A Close Look at Montreal’s Mount Royal Park

Wednesday October 17, 2:00pm EST

Mount Royal Park, a 210 hectare public space designed by Frederick Law Olmsted at the heart of Montreal, is surrounded by universities, hospitals, cemeteries, religious institutions and bustling urban neighborhoods that share in the responsibility of protecting the iconic landmark Montrealers call ‘the mountain’.The City of Montreal and the not-for-profit organization Les amis de la montagne work together to manage the park and its activities. With other stakeholders, they strive to ensure the sustainability of Mount Royal as a whole. In this webinar, learn how their collaborative governance structure ensures that valuable community input informs decision-making about the protection and improvement of this unique urban space. This webinar will provide insights into this unique model and how it has evolved as part of Mount Royal’s fascinating history.  Ce webinaire aussi disponible en français.



Park Governance – Non-Profits and Municipalities Working Together to Manage Parks

Wednesday November 14, 2:00pm EST

How can cities and non-profits work together to manage urban parks? In Quebec City and Winnipeg, partnerships have been created to transfer the management of parks to not-for-profit organizations, helping to address gaps in municipal funds or available expertise.This webinar will highlight these innovative park management models and find out the opportunities and challenges in establishing and maintaining this kind of partnership model. Ce webinaire aussi disponible en français.




Parks as a Safe Landing Place for Newcomers –  A Look at MABELLEarts’ Approach to Community Arts 

Wednesday December 12, 2:00pm EST

How can community arts activities in urban parks foster inclusion and belonging for new immigrants? In Welcome to this Place, a year-long national project led by MABELLEarts, community-based artists and agencies in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax worked collaboratively to  promote urban parks and public spaces as places of arrival where newcomers to Canada can find friendship, cultural and creative expression, connection to their new country and to more established Canadians.

This webinar will look at the arts-based programs for newcomers in five urban parks and will  introduce a new toolkit that highlights the projects, learnings and best practices coming out of this national initiative. Ce webinaire aussi disponible en français.