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In October 2015 ABCRA, in partnership with the Yorkville BIA, submitted the Bloor-Yorkville/North Midtown Planning Framework & Implementation Strategy.

This document provided comprehensive policy guidance for Secondary Plan as well as guidance for implementing zoning regulations for the Bloor -Yorkville/North Midtown Planning area.

It also provides substantial detail identifying where development should, and should not occur, what forms of development in terms of use and built form are appropriate, how future development applications will be analyzed and what future planning approval processes will be required.

We had hoped the City would develop a long overdue Secondary Plan for our area. Unfortunately, TOcore intervened and work on Bloor-Yorkville/North Midtown was put aside.

The ABCRA Area still does not have a Secondary Plan and Area Specific Policy 211 (SASP 211) is inadequate and out of date. 

To ensure that City Council gets back on track with this important work, ABCRA worked with Councillor Wong- Tam to ensure that City Council was made aware of our concerns.

Councillor Wong-Tam has been successful in winning support from City Council, which directed City Planning to report back to the Toronto East York Community Council in the first quarter of 2019 with recommendations on updates to Site and Area Specific Policy 211.  City Council also directed City planning staff to continue to use the Bloor-Yorkville/North Midtown Planning Framework & Implementation Strategy document to inform the evaluation of development applications until such time that the updated Site and Area Specific Policy 211 is approved by City Council.  

Site and Area Specific Policy 211 provides guidelines on how developers should approach the existing form of the area.
It covers Yorkville’s:

·        Existing neighbourhood character
·        Mixed use areas and the transition via height ridges to the neighbourhood level
·        Areas of special identity
·        Public realm spaces
·        Design guidelines

Until an updated Area Planning Policy is completed, ABCRA will diligently protect our neighbourhoods from inappropriate development.
We will

1.     Monitor new developments
2.     Attend public consultations and provide feedback
3.     Work directly with developers and the City to negotiate for public realm improvements and appropriate size
4.     Solicit the City Council for a full Secondary Plan for our area

More details about this review can be found HERE.

We will be very active in 2019 in representing the interests of our area.
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