Updated interactive development map for Ward 27

Thanks to Councillor Wong-Tam, you can now learn more about current  and upcoming development applications in the neighbourhood.  It will be regularly updated and available through Councillor Wong_Tam’s website  and also from the ABCRA’s website.

This map shows the OLD WARD 27 BOUNDARIES.

Councillor Wong-Tam wants you to learn about current and upcoming development in your neighbourhood. The Ward 27 Development Map lists every application for a zoning by-law and/or official plan amendment received within the last 5 years. You can view the status of the application, learn briefly what it's about and find links to staff reports, applicant reports and more. The map also includes information about local neighbourhoods, including who is your Ward 27 staff contact and how to contact your local residents' association.

The development map will be regularly updated, with new applications and information when applicable. The map does not include Committee of Adjustment applications. If you see anything that you feel should be on the map, please contact edward.larusic@toronto.ca.

For more information and to view the map, please visit http://www.ward27news.ca/development