Car thefts and break-ins on the rise in our ABC neighbourhood

Several auto break-ins and thefts have been reported in the ABCRA neighbourhood over the past  months.

The ABCRA neighbourhood is a target area due to the prevalence of high-end vehicles. With the pre-Christmas season upon us, there have also been a number of break-ins with reported thefts of gifts and packages.

While car thefts are an unfortunate part of city life, according to a report by CBC ( these are up 30% over last year and there are new ways thieves are using technology to intercept and re-route key fob signals or copy codes to open and start vehicles.


Here are 3 tips to reduce your risk of being a target of auto thieves:

  1. Always double check that you’ve locked your car

  2. Do not leave any items in the car. If you need to leave anything for whatever reason, lock everything in the trunk and make sure it is not visible from the outside.

  3. Do not leave your key fobs close to your front door. Store them in an aluminum can or tin foil,  or purchase a Faraday bag to shield the fob signal from potential theft



Always be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour to police immediately.