Toronto Noise Coalition - Noise By-laws in 2018 Toronto City Budget

Dear Mayor Tory and Members of the City of Toronto Budget Committee

The attached letter is from the Toronto Noise Coalition.  It provides our collective input for what is missing in the budget after participating as volunteers, for over 2 years in the Municipal Licensing & Standards proposed changes to the Noise Bylaws (Chapter 591) Noise Working Group.

The lack of enforcement staff, ineffective enforcement, and minimal penalties means that the clearly evident increase in the number of noise complaints is having an impact on the quality of life for the residents, and impacts the productivity of employees who live and work in Toronto. 
What is clearly missing is a budget that will support and enhance the liveability of residents in the City of Toronto.  

What is needed is enough enforcement staff, proper training and strong penalties for those who violate the bylaws regardless of what industry they are from. We trust you will consider this a high priority!  It is the most important aspect to protect the citizens of Toronto to ensure their health and the enjoyment of their property.

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