The street representative shall be a spokesperson for the respective street represented or residential building and shall notify the residents of that street or residential building of such meetings and business as from time to time directed by the board.  The board shall set time for street representatives to discuss issues affecting their street or building at board meetings.  When street representatives are present at board meetings, such street representatives are entitled to make deputations and participate in discussion but are not allowed to make motions or vote.  Each of the streets within the geographical boundaries of the Corporation shall be entitled to one representative.  The board shall decide which specific residential buildings located within the geographical boundaries shall be entitled to one representative.  The board may replace any street or building representative after consultation with that street or residential building.

9.02 Appointment of Street Representatives

Candidates for street representatives shall identify themselves at the annual meeting of members of the Corporation. Every person so identified must be resident on the street or of the residential building to be represented. If not more than one person comes forward for each position of street representative, such person shall be declared the street representative. If more than one person is comes forward for each position of street representative, they will share the position as a street representative committee. The committee will elect their Chair who will then serve as the Chair of the Street Committee and the Street Representative at meeting of the Corporation. The compliment of street representatives and committees shall be determined at the annual meeting of members or as soon after as is practicable. If there shall be any vacancy in the position of any street representative, the board may fill such vacancy by the appointment thereto of any member who volunteers to fill such vacancy and who actually resides on such street.