Toronto's Noise Bylaws

Toronto noise levels prompt concern from city's medical officer of health
Loud streets jeopardizing people's hearing, heart and mental health, report suggests.
By John Rieti, CBC News
"Toronto can be one noisy city.
And that, Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa suggests in a new report, could not only be harming your hearing, but your cardiovascular system and mental health as well.
Next week, the board of health will discuss a set of measures aimed at turning down the volume in Toronto — potentially endorsing a "multi-pronged strategy" that could include reviewing the current noise bylaws."

Toronto's urban noise a huge health risk, officials warn.
Study finds Toronto noise levels are higher than what's recommended by World Health Organization.
By: Gilbert Ngabo
"The city must act on urban noise, warn public health officials, as all that honking and jackhammering is harming our health.
Next week the city’s Board of Health will consider a staff report that explores the many symptoms and asks council and other levels of government"