The Toronto Noise Coalition calls for action by civic leaders

The evidence suggests from the most up-to-date science, that noise induces hearing loss as well as has negative impacts on our cardiovascular and pulmonary health, cognitive impairments, sleep disturbance, and mental health. The growing evidence on the impact on children’s health of exposure to noise and the association to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms as well as diabetes are of great concern to our society. The science is clear and action must be taken to  protect the health of Toronto residents from the daily bombardment and increasing levels we experience from noise. There is no excuse not to get tough on the bylaws. Creating an effective Noise Management Plan for the City of Toronto is one of THE most important things the City can do to protect the public health of its residents. It will define the quality of life of Torontonians for generations to come.action by our civic leaders. 

Letter to the Board of Health from the Toronto Noise Coalition June 8 2017