Are a majority of our City Councillors wasting our tax dollars?

The following is just one of many recently circulated articles that arrive at similar conclusions related to the wasteful expenditure and misinformation regarding the proposed one-stop subway extension to the Scarborough Town Centre.  

At Council this past week, a motion to do 'a Business Case Analysis comparison of the Scarborough Subway Extension and the Scarborough LRT replacement of the Scarborough RT’ was defeated - see motion and recorded vote copied below.  Although the seven-stop 'LRT replacement’ would serve more Scarborough residents at a lower building cost as well as a lower or no on-going operating subsidy, the majority of Council voted 'to advance the design work of a 6.2-kilometre subway tunnel aligned with McCowan Ave. to the Scarborough Town Centre’ - see motion and recorded vote copied below. 

Toronto Star: Toronto’s councillors bury themselves in Scarborough’s subway

The comparison to LRT will not be made as Mayor John Tory and his team vote down the request for information. 
By EDWARD KEENAN - Columnist
March 29, 2017

"There’s something that probably ought to be cleared up. There’s a perception out there — it arose during Tuesday’s city council meeting debating (again) the extension to the Bloor subway line to the Scarborough Town Centre — that proponents of the competing LRT proposal have somehow delayed the construction of the subway for years."