Electronic + IT equipment: recycling

Electronic Recycling Association (www.era.ca).

What do we do?
We are a not for profit organization dedicated in reducing electronic waste through the reuse and recycling of unwanted electronic/IT equipment.
We collect all kinds of equipment (computers, laptops, printers, telephones etc.) Then we refurbish it and donate to various charities and non-profit organizations.                           

This is what we can do for you: 

-        Pick up all of your old IT & electronic equipment you don`t need any more at your site,

-        Remove all of your company`s data from computers according to NAID standards (free hard-drive wiping services plus data removal certificate),

-        Refurbish your donated items and donate them to local charities in need on your behalf.

-        Recycle locally all of the equipment that cannot be reused.

Please contact me directly if you have any electronic equipment you would like to donate at this time or if you need any further information about our services.                                           

Thank you and have a great day!
Alan Avdic
Account Representative
Electronic Recycling Association | new.era.ca 
(Direct) 416 477 0664 ext. 1025

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The ERA is an ISO Certified Quality Organization
View our mobile hard drive destruction units: ERA Hard Drive Shredder