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After the recent CP train derailment on Sunday, August 21st, in the west end of Toronto, our Safe Rail Communities inbox has been buzzing with inquiries from concerned residents who want to share their concerns and ask what they can do to mitigate the risk of a rail accident in their backyard.
Contacting your city councillor and federal MP is the best first step in reporting your concerns. Safe Rail Communities has been pressuring government for the last two-and-a-half years for meaningful change to rail safety standards in Canada, and we won’t give up! Your voice matters and can make a difference.  It’s our government’s job to protect us and keep us safe.

To address the public desire for more information about how to prepare and respond to a possible train accident or derailment, Safe Rail Communities is excited to share that we will be hosting a community workshop on November 19th. Our goal is to collaboratively create an emergency preparedness toolkit for any rail community. More details will follow soon!

At this time, we are asking for public input from residents of Toronto on this topic to ensure we consider the specific items that matter most to you. If you are a resident in another Canadian community and would like to complete the survey, please identify the city/town and province in question # 1.

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