Toronto Facilities Master Plan Update (February 3, 2016)

The project is underway and on schedule   

Development of the Facilities Master Plan (FMP) involves six phases, with consultation taking place throughout. We are currently completing the current state of provision and moving into needs assessment and gap analysis.

PHASE 1 Current State of Provision August 2015 – January 2016

PHASE 2 Needs Assessment & Gap Analysis April 2016

PHASE 3 Stakeholder Review & Consultation October 2015 – October 2016

PHASE 4 Financing the Plan June – August 2016

PHASE 5 Draft Plan October 2016

PHASE 6 Final Plan Q1 2017

Public consultation is ongoing

Visit for details

The FMP Survey engaged almost 3,000 residents from across the city and results will be posted on the project website when analysis is complete. A second survey will take place in fall 2016.

Town Hall Meetings are scheduled for February 23 (Wallace Emmerson CC) and 24 (Warden Hilltop CC), and March 2 (Etobicoke Olympium) and 3 (Edithvale CC).  Residents can attend these meetings in person, or online via an interactive webcast.

An Online Discussion Guide with Questions is available on the project website so that individuals and groups can provide feedback at any time. 

Stakeholder groups and City staff are actively involved  

The FMP Stakeholder Advisory Group engages key city-wide stakeholder groups in providing feedback and advice to the FMP.   

Stakeholder Focus Groups will be held in March 2016 for in-depth discussion on key issues such as youth, seniors, accessibility, facility user groups and partnerships.

Parks, Forestry and Recreation Staff are being engaged through a survey, workshop series and discussion meetings – so far we've heard from over 400 staff.  

Other City Divisions are involved through an Interdivisional Reference Group, key issue meetings, and alignment with ongoing City Planning initiatives such as TOcore.

Public involvement is essential - you can help

·         Attend a Town Hall Meeting.  Plan to participate either in person or online, and share the information with your networks to help us the word out.

·         Visit the project websiteA great source of up to date information on the FMP, and on how you can get involved.  

·         Follow FMP reporting. The next update will go to City of Toronto's Executive Committee in May 2016. 

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