Information about the Enbridge gas line work in the lane between Macpherson and Roxborough.

Note (Dec 20, 2016) The work has not yet begun on the laneway.

As you may already know, Enbridge and the City had determined that the upgraded gas line that was to go down Macpherson from Avenue Road to Molson, will now go down the lane between Macpherson and Roxborough Street West, from Avenue Road to Molson.  The reason is that the clearances between City sewers and the Enbridge pipe locations were insufficient.
Work has begun at Avenue Road.The Councillor's office has advised us that Enbridge has changed their estimated date of completion of this project several times.  A second crew was apparently added to speed up their timeline, and the City was informed last week that work would be completed by the end of year.  However, yesterday, Enbridge advised the City that the crews would, in fact, be off for two weeks from the 25th of December through to the second week of January, pushing their estimated date of completion to the 2nd or 3rd week of January.  
The Councillor's office has advised us that residents will be able to continue to park and use the laneway during construction, but they will need to allow extra time to get their vehicles in and out.  Equipment will have to be moved and the lane will be plated to facilitate the movement.  This inconvenience will only be in place during the day.  At night, or when the workers are not working (over the holidays) the lane will be plated and there shouldn't be a problem moving in and out. 
The City has also advised us that Urban Forestry has granted Enbridge permits to injure certain trees on the following propertie :
255 Avenue Road
145 Macpherson Avenue
177 Macpherson Avenue
102 Roxborough Street West
126 Roxborough Street West
The Councillor's office has said that if the injury is suspected of causing a major impact to the health of a private tree, Enbridge is required to consult with the property owner.  Urban Forestry expects that impacts to trees are expected to be minor, and alignment has been altered to avoid tree protection zones wherever possible.
The contact person at Enbridge is Mark Wilson
Enquiries and concerns regarding the trees should be directed to the Councillor’s office - Lorraine Hewitt