Stand Up 4 Safe Rail!


A message from Helen, Patricia, and the Safe Rail Communities.( : We can do this together! 

• Do you or someone you know live within 400m of a rail line?
• Do you know what to do in the event of a rail accident or derailment?

Safe Rail is  very pleased to announce  the MySafeRailApp, a free web-based application for emergency preparedness, available to the public.  DOWNLOAD IT HERE

This application is  created in partnership between York University’s Disaster and Emergency Management Program [Advanced Disaster, Emergency, and Rapid Response Simulation (ADERSIM)] and Safe Rail Communities.  The project is called “Enhancing Community Preparedness for Rail Emergencies”, and is generously funded by the York Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, Global and Community Engagement Collaborative Project Fund.

To learn more, visit
Keep it safe,

Helen, Patricia, and the
Safe Rail Communities' Team