The Gardiner: Hybrid 1-2-3 (Brandon Donnelly)

A quote from "Architect This City, Brandon Donnelly: :Last night a public meeting was held to discuss the 3 alternative designs for what has become known as the “hybrid” option. If you’d like a visual summary of the options, click here.

But essentially as you go from hybrid 1 to hybrid 3, the elevated Gardiner Expressway just gets pushed further north, away from the water. So as you go from 1 to 3, the hybrid option becomes less offensive to the waterfront and its associated public realm, and it opens up more land for development. However, it also becomes more expensive.

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Brandon Donnelly asks: What do you think? Here’s a Twitter poll he created this morning:

What would you like to see happen with the elevated #GardinerEast on Toronto’s waterfront?

— Brandon G. Donnelly (@donnelly_b) January 20, 2016