A message from Safe Rail Communities

Hello everyone,

We [Safe Rail Communities] just wanted to send you a quick update:

In August 31, 2015, Safe Rail Communities submitted to each of the four main federal parties, a letter requesting a clear plan with specific steps that each party will take to address the important issue of the transportation by rail of dangerous goods through our communities. 

Our letter also outlined all of our recommendations on this issue.  You can read our letter here The goal of this letter was to publicly share each party’s plan on this issue, and offer Canadians the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. 

Safe Rail Communities is a non-partisan organization, and does not endorse any political party.

As of September 24th, we have received responses from the Green Party, the Liberal Party of Canada, and the NDP.  The Conservatives have confirmed receipt of our letter of August 31st, but have not yet submitted a response.  We will share any forthcoming information. Please see attached responses from the federal parties.

Our questions for the candidate are now available in French. You can read these here or visit our website at www.saferail.ca

Thanks so much!
Safe Rail Communities

Read documents HERE.