2015 Notice of the ABCRA Annual General Meeting

The ABCRA Board of Directors gives notice that ABCRA's 2015 Annual General Meeting (POSTER) will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 6, 2015, at the Heliconian Hall, 35 Hazelton Avenue, Toronto, Ontario for the following purposes:

  • To approve the minutes of the October 8,2014 Annual General Meeting (copy below);
  • To receive and consider the report of the Co-Presidents;
  • To receive and consider the audited financial report * of the Association for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2015,
  • To consider and approve a resolution that Ian Campbell, of Hawton Campbell Chartered Accountants, be appointed auditor of the Association for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016 and to authorize the Directors to fix the auditors’ remuneration;
  • To elect Directors;
  • To transact such other business as may properly come before the meeting, or any adjournment thereof.

All Members are invited to attend the 2015 Annual General Meeting.  Come at 6:30 p.m. for refreshments and to meet ABCRA's Board of Directors, volunteers, and neighbours. 

Following the Annual General meeting, there will be a debate among candidates for the upcoming Federal Election. The debate will start at 7:45 PM.
The following candidates will attend:
Chrystia Freeland (Liberal incumbent)
Jennifer Hollett (NDP)
Karim Jivraj (Conservative Parfty of Canada)
Nick Wright (Green)
Jesse Waslowski (Libertarian)

Election of Directors

To insure continuity the ABCRA Board of Directors is elected on a rotating basis.

Members wishing to stand for Nomination please read Call for nomination below.




Registered Members of ABCRA are entitled to vote.  Your vote is important.

ABCRA Board of Directors is authorized to make most decisions for the Association.  If you are a registered member of ABCRA and attend the Annual General Meeting on October 6, 2015 you may cast your vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Dated as of September 8, 2015.

John Caliendo
Ian Carmichael
Board Co-Presidents

* Copies of the ABCRA Audited Financial Report for the year September 2014 to June 2015 will be available at the October 6th AGM.  However, ABCRA members who wish to receive a copy in advance of the meeting may email the board at board@abcra.ca or send a $2.00 stamped 8½x11 self addressed envelope to ABCRA, 59 Pears Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5R 1S9, the report will be mailed to you.

Masonic Lodge , October 8, 2014

PRESENT:   ABC members and Directors, [John Caliendo, Ian Carmichael (Co-Presidents), Dianne Robinson (Treasurer), Bill Stevenson (Secretary), Mary Helen Spence, Diane Dyer, Donna Lacavera, Linda Chu], about 120 area residents.

AGENDA:  6:30 p.m. – meet and greet,  refreshments; 7:00 p.m. – AGM; 7:45 p.m. – invited candidates for Councillor Ward 27 debate; 9:30 p.m. – adjournment.

WELCOME:  Co-President John Caliendo welcomed everyone, introduced the members of the ABCRA Board of Directors and outlined the agenda for the evening, a copy of which was given to all attendees as they arrived.

The following Directors' and Members' Resolutions were then introduced:

Agenda: Motion: To approve the agenda as circulated. Moved by Ian Carmichael; Seconded by John Caliendo. Disposition: Carried

Minutes: Motion: To approve the minutes of the 2013 AGM as circulated. Moved by Bill Stevenson; Seconded by Diane Dyer. Disposition: Carried

Financial Statements: Motion: To approve the audited financial statements for the period ending June 30, 2014. Moved by Dianne Robinson; Seconded by: Bill Stevenson.          Disposition: Carried

Auditor: Motion: To appoint Ian Campbell, CPA, CA, Partner, Hawton Campbell Chartered Accountants as the auditor for the upcoming fiscal year ending June 30, 2015 at a rate negotiated by the Directors. Moved by Dianne Robinson; Seconded by Mary Helen Spence.  Disposition: Carried

Bank: Motion: To appoint the following branch and bank as the association's banking institution for the association for the upcoming year: TD Canada Trust, 165 Avenue Rd. Toronto, ON M5R 3S4 Avenue Road and Davenport, Transit 1040. Moved by: Dianne Robinson; Seconded by Donna Lacavera. Disposition: Carried

Election: Motion: To confirm the following slate for the three positions open for election and to present the names to the membership for acclamation for three-year terms: 1. Cynthia Lewis 2.  Sam Vise 3. Tracy Warne.Moved by John Caliendo; Seconded by Ian Carmichael. Disposition: Carried.

Directors and Officers Insurance: Motion: To purchase Directors and Officers and General Liability Policies from Michael, Feeley, Insurance Brokers of Canada. Moved by John Caliendo; Seconded  by Tracy Warne.  Disposition: Carried.

CO-PRESIDENT’S REPORT: John Caliendo said that he wanted to see more ABC area residents involved in the Associations activities this coming year calling it “in your enlightened self interest to come forward”. This year has been characterized by vastly increased intensification of development in Yorkville – about a dozen new towers and 10,000 more people moving in. Planning for this is primarily a City responsibility but ABCRA is trying to do its part. Our concern with the ad hoc planning approval process in Toronto led to collaborating with the BIA to create the Bloor-Yorkville North Midtown Planning Guidelines. The City has embraced this plan and it is our mutual goal for it to be the basis of a secondary plan for our area. We are now retaining experts in city building and speaking to different audiences to achieve this.

ABCRA has a long interest in protecting Ramsden Park and this year, with the help of consultants, we have been active with the City in further developing the Ramsden Park Master Plan.

Co-president Ian Carmichael thanked Barbara Moore for developing a first class website for ABCRA and devoting countless hours to this often thankless, but important, task. He congratulated Lianne Miller for sorting through hundreds of Committee of Adjustment Notices and advising us of ones we should be involved in.

CANDIDATES FOR CITY COUNCIL DEBATE:  Co-Presidents John Caliendo and Ian Carmichael co-chaired a lively debate among the candidates for Ward 27 Counsellor: incumbent Kristyn Wong-Tam and challengers Bob Wolvin, Jordan Stone, Megan McIver,  Alain D’Amours and Benjamin Dichter.

Topics discussed ranged from:

·        Is our seeming inability to deal with homelessness, maintenance of standards in public housing, the plight of those with mental illness and addictions, gridlock and transit stagnation evidence of a city in decline?

  • Lack of area wide planning standards lets condo boom destroy amenity space.
  • Lack of heritage protection, cycling infrastructure,  
  •  Would giving more power to the City under the City of Toronto Act help?
  • Need for LBGTQ retirement home

Adjournment to refreshments 9:30 p.m.