Medellín risks a massively expensive plan to bury its highway (The Guardian)

Parks of the Medellín River (Parques del Río Medellín) aims to completely transform the surroundings of the river, turning a highway into a public space and, with luck, sparking urban renewal. More than £1.1bn, 20km of riverbanks and 15 years will be needed to complete this ambitious project. It is the highest bet the city has placed. If it goes wrong, it could overshadow all the previous urban hits that brought the city fame.

The first step of the plan is the most controversial: to bury a 392m stretch of highway along the river and build a park on top. It will mean Medellín’s main highway will close for 11 months, cost £43m of public money and require the cutting down of large trees. Many citizens are enraged, saying it will cause chaos.

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