Good news re Bloor Street Trees

The YORKVILLE BIA reports that ALL trees on Bloor between Church and Avenue Road will be replaced, by the City Forestry staff in mid-to late May, which is the optimal time for their survival.
The City will likely commence with the trees in the isolated trees pits and then will move to ones in the gardens – right after the tulips have finished their show and bulbs have been dug out.  The existing trees will be pulled out and the poor quality soil around them will be vac-trucked out, followed by the planting of new trees and backfilling with quality soil.  We will ensure that they are watered thereafter.
The new trees will be a mix of Kentucky Coffee Trees, along with 4 different species on disease resistant elms. This will avoid a ‘mono-culture’ environment.
The trees in the gardens will have perennial plantings around the first meter of the trunk, so that the roots are not disturbed by ongoing digging of plant materials.

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The Sad Reality of the Bloor Street Trees

It would be hard to miss the fact that after careful selection of trees and soil specifications, installing specialized silva cells for root growth, carrying out ongoing watering, fertilizing, pruning and even asking our property owners to avoid salt application on the sidewalks, that we would see so many dead trees, within the transformation area on Bloor Street.
While the extremely harsh winter played havoc with many plants and shrubs in Ontario this year, it seems that a combination of extreme cold, poor/clay soil, and salt contamination have led to the demise of many of the London Plane trees.
It has been a big disappointment, but we are working with several arborists and City Forestry to find a solution, which will involve a selection of new hardier trees, of various species and remediated soil. An ongoing maintenance program will continue for the existing trees, and new ones will be planted, by the City, next spring.
We are continuing to ask all Bloor Street property owners to use enviro friendly snow melter. Road salt is still put down by the City on the roadway, but a layer of protective mulch will be added to the top of the tree bases, to assist with salt absorption and the remediated soil (ie: without clay) will allow for much better filtration.
We are also planning adjustments to the gardens, whereby perennial plantings will be added to the immediate area around the trunk and feeder roots. The plants will remain for the season and will be cut back in the fall. This will cause the least amount of disruption to the tree feeder roots, while still providing a colourful display next to the annual plantings.
We are looking forward to greener days next spring!