Is "politics" broken? (

CBC News hosted a live event Wednesday asking: Is politics broken?

Go to the site HERE to find the video links to the debate.

CBC chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge moderated the event at the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto. 
On stage, two teams debated this statement: "The political process is no longer the most effective way to enact real change."

Debaters included:

  • Sheila Copps, former Liberal MP and author.
  • Andrew Coyne, editorials and comment editor at the National Post, and a columnist for Postmedia News.
  • Alison Loat, an author, university instructor, and co-founder of Samara.
  • Dave Meslin, a writer, community organizer and trainer.
  • isha Moodie-Mills, an American progressive strategist, policy analyst, and social entrepreneur.
  • Monte Solberg, a former Conservative MP, and a columnist and adviser.

Loat, Meslin and Coyne argued for 'Team Yes' against Moodie-Mills, Solberg and Copps who made their case for 'Team No' in a lively debate.