Avenue Road Watermain Project Construction Update #1

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE ( Dec 12, 2015 3:05 PM )

The construction on Avenue Road was suspended due to an obstruction by a previously unknown concrete object. This obstruction is the path of the drilling machinery. 
Although it may be entirely possible to fully uncover the obstruction and continue drilling now, that approach would add days to the drilling schedule with no full guarantee of success. 
Rather than further encumber the traffic and by extension, the area businesses and residents during this season, the contractor has completely vacated the site and will return in the new year.
All traffic lanes previously occupied by the contractor are now clear and open to vehicle traffic. ‎ The construction fencing was removed as well.
‎This development does mean the duration of works in early 2016 will be slightly longer.

For complete details, view the (Dec 9, 2015) Update Poster HERE.

By December 17th, the City’s contractor will have completed: 
Installing the water main connnection on Bloor Street 
Installing watermain on Avenue Road from Lowther Avenue to Yorkville Avenue 
Moving equipment from Avenue Road to Lowther Avenue for storage during the winter break
Between December 17 and January, the contractor will completely demobilize from Avenue Road. 
Crews will return in January to: 
Install watermain from Yorkville Avenue to Bloor Street East 
Replace any water service pipes that do not meet City standards from main to property line  Restore all work areas with temporary asphalt to maintain traffic and snow removal operations.

Crews will then return again in Spring to: 
Restore all work areas with asphalt, concrete or grass 
Resurface the road along the watermain