Front Yard Parking Pads

The OMB Hearing for the front parking pad at 67 Roxborough Street West was yesterday.  The Hearing took all day, and the Hearing Officer reserved judgement at the end (which was expected).  He advised that he would make a decision within four weeks.  
We will let you know as soon as we receive the decision.

Thank you to all of you who opposed the appeal, and especially those of you who attended the Hearing (some of whom stayed for the whole day).  Your support and attendance was noted by our lawyer, the City's lawyer and the Hearing Officer.
A special thank you to Daniel Owen and Sean Stokes who spoke on your behalf at the Hearing and did an outstanding job.  Our lawyer and planner, and the City lawyer and planner all gave excellent presentations in opposing the appeal and we are hopeful we will succeed.

We are aware that some of you had not been receiving our earlier emails, likely because we did not have your email addresses.  Also, some of you are not members of the ABC Residents Association, and we would like to enroll you as members.  So we are proposing that unless you reply that you do not want to become a member, we will add your name, address and email address to the membership roster (there is no charge).
Please let your neighbours know that they can become members of the ABC residents Association by going to our website and signing up.  
We do try to keep our members informed of important neighbourhood information and activities, and do appreciate your input and involvement.


The proposal ...would put a citywide moratorium on front-yard parking pads, extending a ban that’s already in place in the central former-city-of-Toronto district.

 Edward Keenan  says- 

"You could almost start to think this is a case of the city government unjustly meddling in homeowner’s personal choices. 

Except those personal choices carry much broader consequences, and not just in how they make a neighbourhood look. There are a bunch of reasons the personal convenience of front-yard parking pads for those who have them impose an unfair burden on everyone else."

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