Victory at the OMB

An OMB hearing on the 906 Yonge and 25 McMurrich (Ridpath) Development was held on November 28 to consider a proposal for a 13-storey residential tower on Yonge Street and a 30-storey tower on McMurrich Street.  ABCRA opposed a 30-storey tower on McMurrich and presented professional evidence as a Party at the OMB hearing.  We are pleased to report the OMB rejected this proposal. 

The OMB declared that it would hear arguments in this hearing only on the McMurrich Tower given that there was little concern expressed on the Yonge proposal.  The City’s planners opposed the height on McMurrich, citing the 1994 Bloor-Yorkville/North Midtown Urban Design guidelines to the effect that “developments on this street (McMurrich) should reinforce the residential scale of the street”.  The hearing officer for the OMB agreed, citing counsel for ABCRA’s (Mr.Andrew Biggard’s) argument that a common sense solution be sought for the height question.  He also made favourable reference to the expert urban design evidence for ABCRA (Mr. Michael Spaziani’s) comment that the proposed tower would visually dominate the street.  The decision dismissed the McMurrich Proposal, approved the Yonge Proposal, and urged the applicant to work constructively with the City and ABCRA to define the optimal development of the McMurrich site.