Stollerys demolition raises questions about city heritage rules (

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Last weekend the crow bars came out at the Stollerys building as crews began work to remove the facade.

The building had housed an apparel store that had operated at the corner for more than 100 years before the building was sold last fall.

Despite its stone carvings, the building does not have heritage designation under the city bylaws. The new owner was granted a demolition permit on Friday and over weekend the work began.

An ABC Resident writes:  "I regret the untimely demolition of Stollery's store with its handsome Art Deco detailing. However those who share this point of view have only themselves to blame - myself included. Stollery's was never listed as a heritage building - what an oversight. It had never occurred to me that it wasn't yet. One had only to check with Heritage Preservation Services to find this out, and once known, action could/should have been taken - years ago!.  A lesson to be learned. If we have concerns about a building check into its heritage standing and take it from there."