Toronto Ward Boundary Review: Have your say, fill in the survey (DEADLINE January 21! )

Toronto Ward Boundary Review Meeting

Complete an online survey before January 21th 

The Toronto Ward Boundary Review is looking at the size and shape of Toronto’s wards. This Review is being undertaken to ensure that each person in Toronto is fairly represented at City Council. The Review will look at the number of people living in each ward, as well as other factors such as geographic communities of interest and neighbourhoods, major physical and natural boundaries and population trends, to ‘draw the lines’ among Toronto’s wards. Any changes that occur as a result of the review will come into effect for the municipal election that takes place in 2018. 

Public meetings are currently being held across the city as part of round one of the review's public consultation process however  If you are unable to attend the public meeting, please consider completing the online survey.

For more information go to the WEBSITE HERE.