Call for Board Nominations and Volunteers

We are a volunteer organization and we are only as strong as our volunteers.

There is a great deal to do and it is all interesting. By serving on the Board, helping out regularly as a Street Representative, or just occasionally on special projects and committees you will be helping to improve your community.

Board Nominations

The ABC Residents Association (ABCRA) Board of Directors will  receive nominees for election to the Board of Directors at the  Association's Annual General Meeting scheduled for October 8, 2014.To insure continuity, the ABCRA Board of Directors  is elected on a rotating basis.There are three positions this year. Nominees for election must be members in good standing of the Association and must notify the current Board of Directors in writing of their intention to stand for election  by September 22, 2014.

Notification of the intention to stand for election can be sent to the Board by email at Prospective candidates are asked to familiarize themselves with the governing documents of the corporation and also to submit with their notification a brief resume of their qualifications for the position of Director to be be shared with members at the AGM. 

Nominees will be contacted by one of the Co-Presidents to discuss their interests and the roles of  the Board of Directors of the ABCRA.

Other Ways to Get More Involved

This commitment is less time consuming than being a member of the Board and is a good way to get more involved.

For Example:

Street Representation: See Section 9 – STREET REPRESENTATIVES HERE for more details

Street Reps are important to bring attention to the particular issues on your street and also to keep your neighbours informed about issues that may affect them. 

Special Committees:  ABCRA can strike Special Committees to work on special issues. Do you have an issue you think deserves more attention?
For example, the aging tree canopy on your street, or the need for speed bumps, or
form a committee and get neighbours organized to advocate for improvements.
The Board will help. 

Email if you want to talk to someone about these possibilities.