Please email Councillor Augimeri ( councillor_augimeri@toronto.ca ) to tell the TCC that their defacement of the community’s Bay Subway Station Exit in Yorkville Park is unacceptable and to REMOVE IT!!

From: John Caliendo [mailto:jcaliendo@rogers.com
Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2014 6:03 PM
To: councillor_wongtam@toronto.ca

As you may be aware, some 8 years ago the Yorkville community proposed that the City allocate approximately $650,000 in Section 37 monies from the Tridel Belair condo (I believe) for the purposes of redesigning and rebuilding the Cumberland TTC pavilion (adjacent to the “rock”). After much to + fro and the usual challenges of dealing with the TTC (e.g. they dumbed-down James Parakh’s original jewel box design for the most inane reasons) we had success and replaced an eye-sore with a handsome structure.
Well today it appears to be reverting back to eyesore. The TTC (I assume) has literally plastered the building with Mylar advertising for ‘Winners’ and ‘Homesense’. This is an outrage and irrespective of the governance structure at City Hall and to whom the TTC reports to (I’m pretty sure at the top of the food chain are the citizens of Toronto) --- this defacement must be removed. Can you please direct the Chair of the TTC to either do so immediately --- or alternatively they can refund the $650,000 and we can collectively allocate it to other public realm projects in the community.
Thank you.
John Caliendo

From: Briar de Lange <briar@bloor-yorkville.com>
Subject: TTC Cumberland exit
Date: September 3, 2014 at 10:52:38 AM EDT

For greater clarity, we have included a photo of the vinyl advertising signage, that has been applied to the EXTERIOR of the station, located in the Village of Yorkville Park.
The TTC has allowed for a full branding of the Bay Station interior, to announce the grand opening the new HomeSense store on Bloor, but allowing the vinyl graphics to be applied to the exterior of the building has crossed a serious line….especially when it is technically located with a public park space.
Not sure who would have allowed this to occur at the TTC, but this needs to be removed and a this should not be allowed to happen again in the future.
Thank you.
Briar de Lange
Executive Director
Bloor-Yorkville BIA
1200 Bay Street, Suite 310  Toronto, ON, M5R 2A5
(416) 928-3553 ext. 25  FAX: (416) 928-2034

We encourage you to email  TTC Chair’s email --- Councillor Augimeri.