1000 Dinners TO !

A message from Jaime Watt, Chair, 1000 Dinners TO

Let's talk about what we can do to make Toronto better.

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I am writing to ask that on October 7 your community be a part of 1000 Dinners TOWe are partnering with the Toronto FoundationHistorica CanadaCBC Toronto, and the National Post.

What is 1000 Dinners TO?
The idea behind 1000 Dinners TO is simple: bring Torontonians together at dinners hosted across the city on October 7 to engage in a discussion of ideas that will make Toronto an even better place. Share you table, share your thoughts.

This is a chance for all Torontonians to be heard in a conversation about our city's future. What makes you proud to call Toronto home? How can we make it even better?

How can you participate?

  • Spread the word in your community.
  • Host a dinner.
  • Attend a mealtime discussion.
  • Use the hashtag #1000DinnersTO and join the conversation.

How do you become a host?
Visit 1000DinnersTO.com and sign up as a host. It’s that easy. The type of dinner is entirely up to you. Whether a home-cooked meal, splitting the bill at a restaurant, or a potluck dinner at a community centre, the choice is yours. From the website you can invite guests to attend your dinner. We'd recommend you invite up to 10 people to your dinner.

I hope you will join us in participating in this exciting project. 

You can learn more at 1000DinnersTO.com or e-mail dine@1000dinnersto.com.

Please help spread the word.

Thank you for your help in making 1000 Dinners TO a success.

Jaime Watt
Chair, 1000 Dinners TO