WWI Commemoration - Toronto's Great War Attic

The City of Toronto's Museums & Heritage Services will commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the First World War with various initiatives taking place from 2014 to 2018.

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One such initiative is Toronto's Great War Attic, which will pay tribute to the sacrifices made during the war on the battle front and at home in countries around the world. The stories, keepsakes and heirlooms associated with those who made these sacrifices have been passed down to their descendants living in Toronto today. By documenting the stories and keepsakes, Toronto's Great War Attic will create a legacy for Torontonians for generations to come.

To document the stories, keepsakes and heirlooms, we will be hosting a series of Pop-Up Museum-style events throughout the city, starting at Fort York National Historic Site on September 20 and 21. The events will continue until November 2014.

About the Project

The First World War 1914 to 1918, known at the time as the Great War, shocked the world with its catastrophic global reach. Unlike the Toronto of 1914 to 1918 when the city’s population was 85 per cent British descent, at least half of today’s residents come from all over the world. There are more than 230 self-identified ethnic groups in our city.

Therefore, we have an unprecedented opportunity to collect personal stories and images of keepsakes and heirlooms passed down from many countries by those who lived through the war, either in military service or on the home front, to their descendants who are now living in Toronto.

Through such a collection, we can present the war from multiple perspectives - allied nations of Great Britain and Germany; neutral and colonial nations in Europe and Africa, which inadvertently served as battle zones; and life on the home front in lands directly under attack and others, such as Canada, which were never battle zones but whose populations contributed to the war effort.