A thank you to the city's forestry department

Many thanks to the city’s forestry department for taking care of our trees.

Earlier this morning, the city’s contractor, Davey Tree Expert Co., was on Macpherson Avenue to prune the city’s trees. 

The foresters work in teams to select, prune, clean-up and grind only the branches that need to be removed—branches that are vulnerable to storms or in the way of hydro lines.

I was impressed with the expertise, calm and swiftness I witnessed this morning.  So when they were finished pruning the tree in front of my home, I went out to thank them.

Many of the trees on Macpherson Avenue have been providing beauty and shade for generations.  As majestic as they may be, uncared for trees can be dangerous in storms to people, cars and hydro lines.

Thank you foresters for keeping our trees safe, healthy and happy.  
ABC residents and trees are fortunate to live in a city where trees are a priority.