ABCRA's John Caliendo at the Land Development and Planning Forum June 17, 2014

ABCRA Co-President John Caliendo will be a featured speaker  at upcoming Land development and Planning Forum at 11:00 AM on June 17 and 18, 2014

For information about the forum go to the Insight Information website HERE.

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June 17 11:00 AM
Ontario Municipal Board – Current Thinking and Reform Update

Dennis H. Wood, Partner, Wood Bull LLP

John Caliendo, Co-president, ABC Residents Association

Bruce Krushelnicki, Director of Planning and Building, City of Burlington

Gary Switzer, Chief Executive Officer, MOD Developments Inc.

  • Current role, functions and processes
  • What is working well? What is not?
    • Areas of concern and attention
    • Appeals and delays
  • Process of reform
  • What lies ahead?

June 18 3:00 PM
Transportation Roundtable – Moving Forward, Staying Put

Patrick J. Devine, Partner, Dentons Canada LLP

John Caliendo, Co-president, ABC Residents Association

Daniel Haufschild, Director, Policy and Planning, Metrolinx

Albert Koehl
Staff Lawyer

Geoff Wright
Director, Works Operations & Maintenance
City of Mississauga

  • The PPS and a new vision on transportation and development
  • Active Transport and the PPS
  • Regional transportation planning
  • Road design and dedicated lanes
  • Mixed use development and staying local
  • Funding innovations for transit – green bonds, etc.
  • Safety and industrial transport and hazards
  • Noise, pollution and traffic – the need for resilience
  • Where to live, work, and play – the balancing act

About the Land Development and Planning Forum:

As the saying goes, in today’s world, the only “constant” is “change”. Accordingly, it is imperative to remain abreast of the many legal, policy and business changes taking place in the planning and land development sphere. Significant developments, such as the Province of Ontario issuing a new Provincial Policy Statement(PPS) will be of great interest to all stakeholders, since the PPS sets out the planning priorities of the Provincial Government for the next several years.

In addition, there is the discussion on the role of the Ontario Municipal Board, challenges to parkland obligations and cash-in-lieu payments as well as P3 and alternative procurement financing. In the works are the Greenbelt Review, the Development Permit By-law Approach and new perspectives on affordable housing and social infrastructure. Demographic trends and transportation infrastructure are regular news items.

These and other topical issues will be investigated and discussed in this year’s program. Expert speakers from industry, the legal profession and the public sector will again assemble to analyze emerging developments, to share insights on their implications, and explore strategies for moving forward. Among the topics to be addressed are:

  • The PPS and a new vision for development in Ontario
  • PPS 2014 – implementation concerns and transition processes
  • The future cost of development and reforming the Development Charges Act
  • Development Permit System: breaking the mold?
  • Parkland dedication and high rise buildings – need for reform?
  • Alternative Procurement Financing (APF) and infrastructure challenges
  • OMB areas of concern – stakeholder perspectives on reform
  • Growth Plan report, review and re-assessment
  • Endangered Species Act compliance and land development challenges
  • Sustainability as a core development practice
  • Demographic trends and intensification in planning
  • Employment lands, conversions and the Greenbelt
  • Affordable housing and social infrastructure – addressing growing challenges
  • Active Transport and the PPS

We invite you to join us for this informative annual exchange on issues of prime importance to those engaged in planning and land development matters.

Sincere regards,

Mary Ellen Bench
City Solicitor, City of Mississauga

Patrick J. Devine
Partner, Dentons Canada LLP

Hessam Ghadaki
Corporate Counsel, Times Group Corporation