212-214 Macpherson Avenue: Cooperation CAN make things better

Thanks to the heads up from Councillor Wong-Tam’s office about the variances being requested for 212-214 Macpherson Avenue your ABC Residents Association was able to work with the nearby residents on Macpherson and the applicant Michael Lee to modify the plans.
The initial applications requested many variances and ABCRA feared the resulting homes would be too large for the street.
Mr Lee's family has owned the properties for many years and he is now hoping to return their convenience store to it's original residential use by building two new homes for his family and mother.
After being contacted by an ABCRA Board member Mr Lee appreciated the concerns of ABCRA and the residents and wanted to ensure that the changes would be a better fit for the heritage character of the neighbourhood. 
After some discussion he eliminated all but 3 variances and those 3 were reduced in size.  While the two  homes will be new and  larger than their neighbours’ homes, we expect them to fit the streetscape better than what was originally proposed.

Mr Lee has said he wants to continue to work with his new neighbours as construction proceeds.
We welcome the Lee family back to Macpherson.  

Councillor Wong-Tam’s office has just made us aware of a Committee of Adjustment Meeting on Tuesday May 27th, 2014.  

Public Hearing Notice: Consent Section 53 of the Planning Act

Public Hearing Notice: Minor Variance / Permission Section 45 of the Planning Act

Public Hearing Plans Section 53 of the Planning Act

This meeting will consider an application for variances to the zoning bylaw for 212-214 Macpherson Avenue (the northwest corner of Avenue Road and Macpherson Avenue).

Any residents living within 60 meters of 212-214 Macpherson Avenue will receive an official notice for the meeting but others in the area may also be interested.  You have every right to appear at the Committee of Adjustment Meeting to express your views about the changes to the bylaw that are being requested.
19 variances have been requested and that is many more than we usually see.

For more information contact
Maria Pinto, Application Technician
E-mail: mpinto2@toronto.ca