ABCRA Ramsden North Traffic Report: Final Report

April 28, 2014 Update

ABCRA Ramsden North Traffic Committee

 The ABCRA Ramsden North Traffic Committee met April 28, 2014 to share the results of their consultation with the residents of their respective streets concerning the tentative proposal for traffic calming being circulated in the neighbourhood.

 The proposal allowed only resident traffic on the local roads of the North Ramsden neighbourhood including Gibson, Macpheson, Marlborough, and Roxborough and blocked the streets to through traffic.

 The majority of the residents from Macpherson, Marlborough and Roxborough who participated in the consultation rejected the proposal. Consequently, ABCRA will not endorse the proposal and will not bring it forward to Councillor Wong-Tam and City Transportation Services for more formal study and consultation.

 ABCRA is confident that a sufficient sample of the residents from the potentially impacted streets were consulted by way of street meetings, email communications and door to door canvassing and that a majority of the neighbourhood residents have made their rejection of the current proposal unquestionably clear.

 ABCRA would like to thank the street representatives on the committee for their diligence in conducting the consultation, as well as for all the time and effort they dedicated to research and planning in preparation for the consultation.  Their work has been an example grassroots democracy in action.

 To read the full report, dated April 10, 2014, click HERE.