Ramsden North Traffic Update March 2014

Note : ABCRA would like to keep the residents of Ramsden North apprised of the “ABCRA Ramsden North Traffic Committee” deliberations.

The committee, with representatives from the streets involved, has been meeting once a month since October 2013 to consider options regarding traffic calming in the neighbourhood.  The committee has studied the current traffic situation: counts, restrictions on east-west traffic from Bloor to St Clair, and city traffic regulations currently in place. 

The committee remains concerned that east-west through traffic is being funnelled onto the residential streets of Macpherson, Marlborough and Roxborough because of all the restrictions in place on other streets including arterial roads. 

Members of the committee are now sharing with their neighbours on their respective streets proposals to limit through traffic and truck traffic in the neighbourhood and surveying their neighbours to determine the degree of support for the proposals. 

ABCRA remains committed to finding solutions that the whole neighbourhood can endorse and will not officially endorse any solutions until the majority of residents on all the impacted streets support them.