ABC Board votes to support the NoJetsTO Initiative

Thanks to NoJetsTO for their leadership in saving Toronto’s waterfront.

This is one of the biggest planning issue facing the City for decades – balancing the public objectives of achieving a waterfront that is the heart of the City, a great place for all to live, work and play; helping to make Toronto one of the most livable cities in the world against an unneeded Island Airport Expansion.

We call on the members of the Tripartite agreement to resist, in no uncertain terms, the attempt by Porter Airlines to permanently and severely negatively impact the enjoyment of TO’s waterfront, the Leslie Spit bird sanctuary, the safety of air travel passengers, and the quality of life of resident and school communities in the vicinity of the airport.

Porter is a fine airline and we encourage them to locate their jets at Pearson where they will be welcomed and a new $500 million taxpayer funded rail link will get people there within 25 minutes, every 15 minutes.

We urge our residents to sign and share the NoJetsTO petition.  

March 2014