Ramsden Park Revitalization

The City of Toronto is proposing improvements to Ramsden Park. Councillor Wong-Tam,  City staff and members of the design team PMA Landscape Archites invite members of the community to review and provide input on how the park is currently used, what works, and what could be improved.  

The first round of Public Meetings are now over - summaries of these consultations are posted on the Ramsden Park Revitalization Project Meeting Reports.

Further opportunities for reviewing design options and offering input will be offered through a 3-Stage consultation process that involves workshops and site walks where design plans and approaches will be shared as they evolve.

Details of dates and locations will be posted shortly on the project  website where residents can keep up on the progress of the project and leave comments or ask questions is also available.

The City of Toronto has a page concerning the Ramsden Park Revitalization Project HERE.

Also, read ABCRA’s suggestions for the revitalization of the park HERE.  Send us your comments and suggestions to abc@abcra.ca.