Classical music in public places to enhance safety

Toronto's Catholic board is looking at using classical music to deter kids from hanging out in washrooms or parking lots, where students feel most unsafe.

Read the full article in the Toronto Star HERE.

...In 1997, the TTC began piping classical music into the Kennedy subway station to stop teens from loitering and causing trouble. A success, the idea has since been expanded to Bathurst, Warden, Victoria Park and Main Street stations, where classical tunes play all the time. At Dundas West, Runnymede and Finch stations, classical music is played part-time...

An ABC resident suggests: Perhaps we should encourage amateur classical ensembles to perform in ABC's many lovely parks and public spaces.


"Classical Music as a Weapon" by Anne Midgett.
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"What's Wrong With Classical Music?"  by Colin Eatock, writer and composer.
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