Toronto Mayoralty Race: A few final words in the press

The New York Times:

... the quiet life may no longer be possible in Toronto politics. The campaign has been, by Canadian standards, brutal. 

The Star: 

Toronto election what's what for Tuesday.  Catch up with the top headlines from the campaign trail and find everything you need to know today in this one handy briefing.  
Campaign Lie Detector: Doug Ford makes 23 inaccurate statements at Star debate.
The Star: John Tory is the best choice to lead Toronto: Editorial WEBSITE 
The Star: John Tory holds commanding 14-point lead over Doug Ford.  WEBSITE

The Toronto Sun:

It's time for Tory The Toronto Sun editorial board announced their endorsement of John Tory with a week to go in the campaign.  Consensus builder is city’s best choice for mayor.
Toronto Sun: Doug Ford may have hit his ceiling. WEBSITE

The Globe and Mail:

Candidates makes final push for support in Toronto mayoral race.  With one week left in the race for mayor, all three of the leading candidates are working to translate support into votes at the ballot box after a record turnout at the city’s advance polls.


There’s only a week to go in the Greater Toronto Area’s municipal election campaigns. In Toronto there are a handful of important debates left that will give voters a last chance to grade the candidates for mayor.


John Tory carries wide lead as election nears.   WEBSITE 


John Tory holds 14-point lead in Toronto mayoral race WEBSITE 

The National Post:  

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