Faceoff: Chow, Ford, Tory on their plans for Toronto's future

The Globe and Mail  Published Friday, Oct. 10 2014, 10:55 AM EDT

The globe asked the three leading mayoral contenders how they plan to handle growth in a city expected to grow by 2 million over the next 20 years.  Read full article in the Globe and Mail HERE.

The Debate

In Canada's most-watched municipal election, which candidate offers the best long-term investment? We've brought together Toronto mayoral hopefuls Olivia Chow, Doug Ford and John Tory and asked them each an open-ended question that focuses their attention on long-term planning: "The population of the Greater Toronto Area will grow by more than 2 million in the next two decades. How would you, as mayor, make Toronto a place that can handle a growing population and receive this influx of newcomers?" Toronto itself will add 500,000 newcomers, and its suburbs, which remain Canada's top immigration destination, will put extra pressure on the city's already strained transit, housing, social services and infrastructure. Who has the best plan for future generations? Read all three responses, comment, and select your favourite in the voting box on the right.

Read full article in the Globe and Mail HERE.