Digital Billboards - The floodgates are opening

On December 4th, Planning and Growth Management will consider a controversial bid by the powerful billboard lobby to expand the use of flashing digital advertising in Toronto. (full staff report here)
Throughout the consultations with the public, staff assured that upcoming amendments would only affect commercial and industrial zones.  However, when the staff report was released last week it contained a surprise - it recommends that bus-shelter sized digital ads be allowed in all Commercial-Residential zones, with no minimum setbacks from a place of residence.
The city's own Ipsos Reid poll found that while 55 percent of Torontonians think council should do more to control digital advertising, they felt it was most acceptable in commercial and industrial zones - and that is what the city consulted on. 
Only 17 percent felt that it is acceptable in residential areas - and that is what is now being proposed.   (download public survey)

Digital billboards are unpopular, unnecessary and unsafe.

For more information, please contact 
Alison Gorbould at Scenic Toronto
Phone: 647/390.1846


Dear ABCRA Residents:

Please take a few minutes to email the City Planning Committee (see email info below) to request a deferral of the  Electronic and Illuminated Sign Study and Recommendations until we have the time to study the implications.
This needs to be done TODAY because the meeting is Wednesday morning.

Electronic and Illuminated Sign Study and Recommendations for Amendments to Chapter 694 of the Municipal Code
PG29.4: This item will be considered by Planning and Growth Management Committee on December 4, 2013.


Your email should go to, 
Thank you.
MH Spence on behalf of ABCRA

To the City Clerk:

Please add my comments to the agenda for the December 4, 2013 Planning and Growth Management Committee meeting on item 2013.PG29.4,  for Amendments to Chapter 694 of the Municipal Code.

I understand that my comments and the personal information in this email will form part of the public record and that my name will be listed as a correspondent on agendas and minutes of City Council or its committees. 

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