​Natural Heritage Symposium:​ Tuesday, November 12

Heritage Toronto's  Natural Heritage Symposium  will take place at St. Lawrence Hall, 157 King St. East, Toronto, on Tuesday,  November 12th, 7-9 PM. 


This symposium will examine our city's rich natural heritage, the challenges it faces, and what we can do to preserve it.  The expert panel will be moderated by Geoff Cape, Evergreen's Executive Director. The panel comprises very knowledgeable folks from Toronto Environmental Alliance, Ontario Heritage Trust, City of Toronto and Toronto & Region Conservation Authority:

- Barbara Heidenreich from Ontario Heritage Trust will speak about      trees as natural heritage resources.

- Franz Hartman from Toronto Environmental Alliance will address the      big picture of what has changed in environmental conservation in the 25      years TEA has been operating.  He will speak to what average citizens      can do to conserve natural heritage in the context of our natural      ecosystems.

- Jane Weninger from City of Toronto will address the City of      Toronto's Natural Heritage Study, which is a big picture view of what the      city is doing to conserve and enhance our natural heritage.

- Carolyn Woodland from the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority      will discuss management of natural heritage resources related to water      including river valleys, marshes, the waterfront, and more. 

Attendees will also get the chance to ask their questions about our city's natural heritage.

The event is free but those who'd like to attend must pre-register at  http://naturalheritage.eventbrite.ca or call Rachel Ostep  (416) 338-0682.