Area Secondary Planning

Recommending new planning policies for the area is an important priority for the ABC Residents Association. It has long been a concern of the ABCRA and many other planning professionals that  the City of Toronto’s Official Plan lacks sufficient policy direction to adequately guide good city planning. The Official Plan policies are too vague and open to interpretation. As a result, ABCRA’s  advocacy efforts have often been blocked at the OMB by the absence of clear City policy direction. Planning and legal professionals advise us that a Secondary Plan for the area is needed to provide specific and clear policy direction. ABC Residents Association in partnership with the Bloor Yorkville BIA has therefore initiated a very important planning initiative the goal of which is to present to City Council recommendations for planning policies for the Bloor Yorkville North Midtown area.

The first workshop to provide residents with information and to seek input was held Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at the Toronto Reference Library. Every street in the ABCRA area was represented at this meeting. You can see the workshop presentation slides by clicking here.

There will be other opportunities to provide input to this important initiative, so stay connected! Register to receive our information bulletins.